Interclub Submissions

Interclub entries are submitted by each club’s interclub representative on the odd months of the year starting in March but the process varies from club to club so check with you club to see how the submission process works.

This page has some general guidelines and techniques for ensuring your images are presented in the best possible way using our hardware.

See the page title “Interclub Competition Rules” for a complete list of rules.

We encourage Lightroom users to setup an Interclub or Poly Photo export Preset.

  • Construct a filename from the title in each image’s EXIF data
  • Constrain size to 1920w by 1080h
    optional – don’t enlarge. If you are reasonably certain that your photos will look good upsampled then don’t check this option.
  • 72 pixels per inch
  • Highest quality jpeg
  • embed a color space profile: sRGB.  If you don’t embed a color profile then the software we use to project assumes that it’s sRGB and may not interpret it correctly.  Always use sRGB or the BenQ profile (download link below)
Lightroom Preset for Exporting images for Interclub, Poly Photo and any club using the BenQ
Lightroom Preset for Exporting images for Interclub, Poly Photo and any club using the BenQ

Installing our BenQ Profile

The BenQ projector is calibrated and profiled regularly so check that you have the latest version of the profile

Download Profile (December 2017)


Mac Users

Mac users copy the profile to ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles

Go > Go to Folder
Go > Go to Folder

Windows Users

Windows users Right click and select Install Profile from Windows Explorer

Right Click > Install Profile
Windows ICC Context Menu

Soft Proofing

Lightroom Soft Proofing Mode
Lightroom Soft Proofing Mode

If you’re using Lightroom, go to the Develop module then check the “Soft Proofing” checkbox and select the “BenQ Projector{date}_lamp_normal” profile.

Toggle between Perceptual and Relative intent to see how the projector will render your image and make adjustments as necessary.