Interclub Competition Rules

Submission Rules

  1. Each club may submit 10 images for each month (20 images total).
  2. No more than two images per maker, per month.

  3. Only current club members may participate
  4. All entries must have been previously accepted in club competition.
  5. All images must be jpegs and sized to 1920 pixels maximum on the horizontal side and 1080 pixels maximum on the vertical side


Use the sRGB color space for optimal projection

File naming TIPS

  1. Numbering pictures 01,02,03,…10 (as opposed to 1,2,3,…) makes it easier for the computer to sort
  2. Do not enter any spaces or commas in the image title (use hyphen “-” or underscore “_” to separate the words)
  3. The only part of the file name not separated by hyphens or underscore is the year and month
SCACC is not responsible for lost files

Competitions are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the Odd Numbered Months starting in March of the Competition Year

  • March 19, 2019
  • May 21
  • July 17
  • September 17
  • November 19, 2019

All competitions take place in the Photographic Arts Building in Balboa Park at 7:30pm and are open to the general public

Member Club Representatives

Photo Naturalists (PN) – Mike Wilson
Poly Photo (PP) – Byron Aughenbaugh
Darkroomers (DK) – Terri Thompson
Fallbrook (FB) – Lin Craft

Contact Interclub Chairperson Robin Stern for more information.

Competition Rules

  1. All SCACC member clubs may participate and all current members within the club are eligible; however a yearly entry fee must be paid at the start of the year for a club to be eligible to participate
  2. All images submitted for Interclub Competition must have been accepted images in each respective club’s monthly competition
  3. A club may enter two images per person per month, but a member may be represented in another club on the same month. Duplicate or near duplicate images from the same maker can count for as many clubs as the maker belongs to
  4. An image may be entered again if rejected the first time. Duplicate images entered from multiple clubs cannot receive multiple awards or honorable mentions
  5. Complete duplicate entry forms for each month must be submitted with the images. One copy will remain with the SCACC Interclub Chairperson; the other will be returned to the club chairperson with the ribbons at the end of the competition
  6. Entries must be submitted by 7:30pm, but competition will begin as soon as the images of all competition clubs have been received and downloaded onto the computer
  7. Missed competitions must be made-up at the following competition meeting, and only one make-up (two months) per year, per club is permitted

Scoring and Judging

  1. Three judges, whom the chairperson deem capable, will be selected by the Interclub Chairperson. Judging will be by electronic machine or computer voting software and scored 6 to 9 on each image by each judge. Judges shall be selected from different clubs for fairness, to vote “0” on his/her/ own images or on any image he/she feels unable to evaluate fairly, i.e. spouse. The zero score will then be evaluated as an average of the other two, rounding to the higher number if a fraction is involved. An example: Scores 8,7,0 (average=7 ½–scored to s 8). Result 8-7-8=23. If 8-6-0 (average=7), would be scored as 8-6-7=21
  2. A caller will call the total score for each image
  3. The scores will be entered into the entry forms submitted by the club chairpersons, and totaled at the end of the competition
  4. A tally sheet will be kept with a log mark for each total score
  5. When the month’s competition is completed, the log marks for the highest scores are compared with the images presented by the projectionist. The numbers should agree, i.e. 3-26’s, 2-25’s, etc…
  6. For each month the awards are made as follows:
    1. The top scoring 25%-35% of all entries will be given honors. Within the subset of images, the top 25%-35% will receive awards, with the remainder receiving HMs
    2. In the event it becomes necessary to take only part of the images in a scoring group in order to fall within the 25%-35% range for either selecting the honors or awards, all of the images in that scoring group shall be re-evaluated using an in-out procedure. All images receiving”3 in’s”, and if necessary the “2 in’s”, will have their score raised one point. The upgraded score will be marked on the scoring sheet with a single line being used to strike out the old score. There should be no erasures. The upgraded scores will be used for calculating each club’s score for the month
  7. Ribbons will be issued for winners of Award and Honorable Mention images
  8. Ribbons and one copy of the entry form will be returned to the club representative immediately after judging. If the club chair or a club representative is not present, the ribbons and entry forms will be held at the Photo Arts Building and arrangements will be made with the club chair for pick up

Judging Criteria

Images will be judged based off the following criteria. The judging criteria shall be emailed to the judges prior to the competition. The judging criteria will also be announced at the start of each competition.

  1. Composition — Is the image composed well? Does the composition enhance or strengthen the image?
  2. Focus and Exposure — Is the focus crisp and the exposure appropriate?
  3. Tell a story
  4. Lighting — Does the lighting enhance the subject and message?
  5. Creativity — Is the approach creative? Does the photographer reveal the subject in extraordinary ways; ways that the viewer otherwise would not have seen? Is the photo interesting and fresh?

Year End Competition and Point Standings

At year’s end all Honorable Mentions and Award images for the year will be used for year end judging. Images will be judged by three judges from outside of SCACC and have not previously judged during the competition year to give a new and unbiased evaluation.

  1. First, Second, and third place winners will be selected and awarded medals and ribbons
  2. A minimum of ten percent of the submitted images will be given Special Recognition ribbons
  3. All Special Recognition and Medal Winners will be shown and given recognition (medals, ribbons, and prints* presented to the makers) at the SCACC Year End Event in April
  4. Total scores will be accrued for the competition year, and the top three clubs will be recognized by having their names engraved on the perpetual SCACC Interclub plaque displayed in the Photo Arts Building
  5. Images of the Year from the clubs will be submitted along with the Interclub year end images, but judged separately, with no bearing whatsoever on the Interclub decision. The number one choice from the images will be designated as the Nelson Award Winner, and the name of the maker will be engraved on the permanent trophy kept in the Photographic Arts Building

Complete Rules

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